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What can I expect from EmergingArtists.in?
As a buyer, you can expect nothing but the best from EmergingArtists.in. We have the finest that any business can offer and we are available round-the-clock for any assistance or information you require from us. We are available on Email, Telephone and even via social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc.

EmergingArtists.in is a user-friendly and interactive website with various avenues to help and assist you with anything and everything related to your enthusiasm and participation toward our services.
How do I join EmergingArtists.in as a buyer?
You can join EmergingArtists.in by registering with us for free and start using our services, including buying/ purchasing art and artworks.
What is the registration process? How does it work?
To register, you must use a valid Email address. Once you sign-up, you will immediately receive an email from us. Once your email is verified, you can start participating in our services and start purchasing artworks and images from EmergingArtists.in.
Is EmergingArtists limited to India?
No. EmergingArtists.in is not limited to India. We deal with buyers based all over the world. In the same way, we provide a worldwide audience for our artists, we also allow buyers from all over the world to purchase art and artworks from us.
How does the overall shipping and packing process at EmergingArtists.in work?
The buyer bear the expenses related to transportation and shipment of the piece(s) of art. Buyers are wholly responsible for all the expenses related to the purchased piece(s) of art. This includes freight and shipping charges, transportation charges, any insurance and any applicable sales tax.

With regard to packing, once the art/ artworks reach the gallery, we take utmost care to them. Our painting frames come with a guarantee, and we deploy robust packaging procedures to protect your goods and artworks in transit.
Is there a chargeable tax like VAT/CST? What about Custom duty?
Yes. EmergingArtists.in charges buyers in India VAT/CST at the rate of 12.5 percent for every purchased piece of art at its actual cost. Artworks will be marked as unsold and not delivered to the buyer, if he/she fails to pay the taxes.

International orders are exempted from VAT/CST, but any custom duty taxes incurred for international shipment for goods and artworks shall be paid by the buyer.
What is EmergingArtists.in’s Return Policy?
EmergingArtists.in has a provision for a 7 day Return/ Exchange policy from the day of delivery on the buyer’s receipt. However, the Exchange policy is applicable only on another piece(s) of work of the same artist.

No returns will be accepted if the buyer takes more than 7 days after delivery to return the order to the seller.
What is the payment procedure? Are all prices listed in Indian Rupees?
EmergingArtists.in has simple and secure payment methods for buyers. Payment for a piece of art can be made by cheque, Bank transfer or Credit Card online. All prices are listed to their value based on the location of the buyer, viz. US Dollars, UK Pounds, Euros and Indian Rupees.
Does EmergingArtists.in have a Privacy Policy for users?
EmergingArtists.in understands the importance of protecting user privacy. We are wholly aware that users and visitors are concerned about their privacy and the confidentiality of any information provided to us.

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