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Uday Pandit Profile
2005-06 Garhi Grant scholership, New Delhi
2005,All India IFACS Award, New Delhi
2001-2002 , South Central Zone Culture Centre, Nagpur, 15th & 16th All India Art Contest.

2013, Pune Biennale, Pune
2012, United Art Fair, New Delhi
2009, Project 88, mumbai
07,Bodhi Art Gallery ,New Delhi 20.
2011, Art Mart, Eip Center , Gurgaun

I belong to a very remote village in Bihar. During my childhood I, always loved to work with them surprised to see the refines of the work which I use to do with my small fingers. Afterwards he sent me to the college of Art and Craft, Patna. Now I was in a city, where every thing and every aspect was very new. It was nothing but a newer kind of bundle. There in college I got several opportunities and subjects to work on. In those Street dogs In Winter, Pig, Human Anatomy and the Gathhari (Bundle) are my favourite subjects. Today when I am working in a Delhi NCR metro and trying to understand the different aspect of things, certainly I turn toward my village where people are very natural and never bother about to compose their things in a city manner, they do the thing very casual way, they usually hang their bundle on the wall of their house, care free way and a very interesting. I am always attracted by such composition and use it my work. My work signifies the truth and has a realistic and creative view.

Name : UDAY PANDIT Born : 15th January 1974 Live in : Delhi Awards- • 2005, 77th Annual AIFACS Exhibition , New Delhi • 2000, State Level AIFACS Exhibition , Patna. • 2001-2002 , South Central Zone Culture Centre, Nagpur, 15th & 16th All India Art Contest. • 2000, 3rd All India Millennium Art Exhibition, working Artist of Varanasi. • 2004, Youth Convention , Women’s College, Patna. • 1999, 2000, 2001,2002 & 2005, College Annual Exhibition Patna. Scholarships- • 2005-206 Garhi Grant , New Delhi. Residency- • 2012-Sarai Reader 09, Raqs media collective • 2009, K hoj International Bihar. • 2002-03, Japan & India Arts Symposium, New Delhi. Camps - • 2012, Regional Stone Carving Camp, L.K.A, Jamia Milia Islamia. • 2010, National Media Camp, L.K.A. Ahmadabad. • 2008:2009, Wood carving Camp, L.K.A.,Indian Academi Of Fine Arts, Amritsar. • 2001, Stone Camps , East Zone Cultural Kolkata & L.K.A, Patna. • 2005, Sculpture Camp Rashtyrya Lalit Kala Kendra, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa. • 2003, Ram Chhtpar One Day Sand Camp, Varanasi. • 2003-04, Shishir Camp College of Art & Craft, Panta. • 2005, Site Specific Workshop, Patna. • 2006 National student Camp Jamia Millia Islamia , New Delhi. Sholo shows : • 2009, Bombay Art Gallery, Mumbay. • 2004,Collage Of Arts & Craft ,Patna. Group Exhibition - • 2013, Pune Biennale, Pune • 2012, United Art Fair, New Delhi • 2011, Art Mart, Eip Center , Gurgaun • 2009, Project 88, mumbai • 2007,Bodhi Art Gallery ,New Delhi. • 2003, Lalit Kala Academy , Ravindra Bhawan, New Delhi. • 2002, Nand Lal Basu Kala Dirgha, Patna. • 2005, Radha Mohan, Art Gallery, Patna. • 1999,2000,2001,2002, 2004 & 2005 College Annual Exhibition , Patna. • 2005, Basant Saras, Gandhi Maidan, Patna. • 2005, Dhumimal Art Gellery, New Delhi. Collection : • Lalit Kala Academy, Patna. • Millennium Park , New Delhi. • South Central Zone Cultural Centre, Nagpur, • 2003, V.C. Patna University, Patna. • College of Art & Craft Patna. • Professor Latika katt J.M.I. (Artist ) 2006. • Subodh Gupta ,Artist,NewDelhi 2007 • Sanjeev Sinah,Artist,New Delhi,2003 • Dhumimal art gallery, New Delhi, 2005. • Lalit Kala Akademi, Regional Centre, New Delhi

Nine Artist
Dog Exponantiel

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