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EMERGINGS - a group exhibition of paintings & drawings at ARTIZEN Art Gallery, New Delhi, Peareylal

The subjects of my paintings is the everyday experiences translated through my vision on canvas. A lot of emphasis in my paintings is on colors and texture through which I want the viewer to interact with the painting emotionally. I try to take inspiration from the very basis of nature and the whole entrapment on human soul in the cycle of life and death, how every day we struggle to be free and how our dreams provide that ladder towards liberty. I want to connect with the viewer to share that part of dream and experience that I have, through the daily visions in my life.

I was born in Bikaner (Rajasthan) and went on to do my schooling from Bishop Cotton School in Shimla. Although, like any other kid even I was very involved in art classes, but after winning a few inter and intra school art prizes it all started. My passion for painting, never knew that it would one day become my life. However, the journey from school till date has taken some very interesting twists and turns and some major detours as well. After school just like many around me I was also a part of the rat race and did the best I could, got into Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi. Kept painting through college but it was in my second year that the question first came, ‘do I really want to do this?’ Never paid heed to the questions in mind at that time and the thought of pursuing art after college was still considered a taboo. I was very happy until college was about to end. The thought of ‘what after college’ had taken hold my mind and as the rat race progressed I quietly did what folks around me were doing. Took up a job at ABN Amro, was appointed a team leader, got an opportunity of travelling to Chicago for work and was transferred to Bank of America. I spent 4 years in the corporate world, only to realize that my discontent with my job had reached its peak, never even having enough time to finish a painting. Financial independence is a devil sometimes. But as the ray of hope never fades, I too never left hope and my anger at not being able to paint culminated into a 2 line resignation. 5th August ‘2009 being the date of my release from corporate world is the date I started living. Life and art was calling me, I could not stop and I still can’t. For me life has just begun with many years of experience and just one motive, to paint.

Searching Hope

Sitars Of Soul

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