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Participated in Pune University Sculpture Camp 2003 - 2004
Participated in Waranasi Sand Sculpture Camp 2003 - 2004
Bombay art society 2006 - 2007
State Art Society 2006 - 2007 - 2008
Jehangir Art Gallery, 2010 - 2011, Solo

The hardworker through my eyesThroughout my life I have been constantly amazed by the journey of a bull's life in India. Watching a newborn calf running everywhere taking the wind in his stride and ready to take on this world has always filled me with awe, amazement and enthusiasm. While on the other hand watching a bull toil in the field has always reminded me that life has a purpose for each and every one of us. Being born in a farmer's family the patterns of a bull's life have influenced me so much that it made undertook a journey to study each and every facet of the life of a bull and its various effects on a farmer's life. This exhibition is just a travelogue of this journey. Even during my teenage days I was influenced and used to draw sketches of this powerful but modest animal, which represented a true legacy of India- its villages. Always in works I have tried to replicate the various qualities of a bull like its dedication, love, its royalty and its willingness to carry the burden of others. I have always been reminded by my peers and my teachers; that it's the responsibility of an artist is to bring out the various shades of nature and hues of life to the world's notice. But for me the bull form was always an enigma as I would always face the same question "does the bull ever know what great work he does for the society and the farmer? Does he ever wonder about the burden he carries on his muscled shoulder? I found the answer in Geeta's verse that 'One should always carry out ones responsibility and never worry about the results or expect the fruits of ones labour' and then I started looking at the Bull through a new sense that made me realize that I was looking at the Greatest hardworker the world has ever seen. That set me on the path where I started working on this series which tries to captures various sides of the Beauty of a Bull. From the chowk of an Indian village life to the busy streets of stock market, Bull is a symbol of eternal hope, the hope of good times. Through this series though I have tried to showcase its various facets, I promise each and every one that I will work more hard to bring forth to this world the various other forms of this Hardworker.

Ploughed Lines

Bull Head - 1

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